Copyright, disclaimer and legal notice

Copyright, disclaimer and legal notice
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Copyright, disclaimer and legal notice

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“Lauren-Fan” is an Italian portal dedicated to actress Lauren Graham, is distributed for free over the Internet.
It is an unofficial fansite, completely independent from publishers and authors discussed.

Articles, images, illustrations, photographs, videos, sounds and, more generally, the graphics and texts are copyright of the authors who hold the rights and are used for informational purposes only and journalism.
Review authorization by law, natural law and the freedom of the press and of information on the net.

If you have violated some law, please let us know in here.
If you have a property and you feel that some content may adversely affect your rights, you are willing to remove promptly the pages at the heart of the matter.

Lauren-Fan is not responsible for the content of sites and pages linked therein and accepts no responsibility whatsoever arising from use or misuse of the information contained in this domain.

The opinions expressed in the articles belong to the individual authors and are their responsibility.

None of the news presented on the site is fully hosted on our servers so the complete reading materializes on the site of origin.

Any copyright infringement is attributable exclusively to sharing platforms that publish videos and photos. (

It is expressly forbidden to use as included in this domain for purposes other than private use (in accordance with copyright laws and intellectual property rights) and in particular for commercial purposes, illegal or of questionable morality.

All material published on the portal has provided for information purposes only and is subject to change and additions.
The pages of the site are subject to continuous change and therefore, any liability is excluded by “Lauren-Fan” for any errors and/or misunderstandings that may occur.

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