Early years

Lauren Graham was born in Honolulu, Hawaii by Donna Grant, a fashion buyer, and Lawrence Graham, former President of the Association of chocolate and confectionery industries.

The father has Irish ancestry instead his mother has English and Scottish origins.

When his father worked for the Agency for international development in Viet Nam, Lauren has lived for some years in Japan (even his mother had grown up there as the daughter of a missionary).

Lauren’s father, Larry, is the President of the national Confectioners Association and was a founder of The Harkin-Engel Protocol, an agreement to ensure that cocoa was grown responsibly, without the exploitation of child labour and forced labour of adults.

Lauren is five years old when her parents divorced and she moved to Northern Virginia, just outside Washington, with her father that became a congressional staffer, while his mother to pursue an artistic career (entertainer) lived in London and then end up working in the fashion industry until his disappearance, at the age of 61.

After the second marriage of his mother Lauren acquires a British sister, Shade Grant, who works at a talent agency and a sister, Maggie, and a brother, Chrisal, from her father’s second marriage.

Lauren discovers the passion for acting during elementary and proves her talent at Langley High School where part of a gymnastics team.

His dream was at first to become a headstock, but excessive height has always weighed as a serious impediment, rising progressively to focus on acting.

Soon Lauren enters a theater company and performed in small productions.

In 1988 he graduated from Barnard College with a degree in English literature.

After moving to Texas in 1992, he obtained a master’s degree in acting from Southern Methodist University.

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