The Gilmore Girls ‘GUIDE’

Welcome to Stars Hollow, world! Gilmore Girls is going global on July.

Welcome to our little corner of the world.

Explain Season 1 in 60 seconds? Sounds like a job for Kirk.

Season 2.
60 seconds.
Take it away, Kirk.

Dean or Jess? Giant pizza! College! It’s all in Season 3. Take it away, @seangunn!

The College Years! Here’s Season 4 in 60ish seconds by our main man Kirk.

The season where everyone gets together. And breaks up. And gets back together. And steals yachts!

Yale vs. No Yale – Logan vs. Jess – Lorelai vs. Luke’s secret daughter? – Oh boy. Here’s Season 6.

The season where it’s the end but not really the end. Because November 25th is right around the corner.

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